A Case for Music as an Agent of National Healing

What makes our nation indivisible is how we ultimately unite in the face of adversity. Even as we strain under the discord over our second amendment rights, there is harmony all around in the things we share in common, no matter our creed. So here we are. An important national inflection point is upon us. There will be some that seek difference. That thrive on division. And there will be others that rise in humanity. That chase what we have in common and do uncommon things to celebrate the divinity in us all. We are for the latter.

From swords into plowshares: an Armory of Harmony gunmetal trumpet.

From swords into plowshares: an Armory of Harmony gunmetal trumpet.

It is not by accident that we sing an anthem as part of our national heritage. Music brings us together. It heals wounded hearts and inspires us to be the best version of ourselves. Armory of Harmony is about where we agree: Mental health is an important aspect of gun safety. Music is a universal language that connects us. Our constitution is sacred. An instrument in the hand of child is a tuning fork of healing for the collective soul.


What We Are

Armory of Harmony is an assemblage of citizens from all corners of the conversation. We love our country, want to protect our children, and respect our differing perspectives as the highest expression of democratic freedom. Our initiative is to address mental health through music. We are taking a resolutely positive approach. We are not against anything. We are for making the world a safer place for our children.

how it will work

We will be accepting donated guns from police departments and cities all around the country. We are working with major manufacturers of brass instruments, marching drums and other instruments to utilize the metals from those guns to make and brand musical instruments for high school and college marching bands and ensembles.

Kids in band belong. They are part of something bigger than themselves, a community of music. Kids who belong and have purpose feel much better about themselves. Music is a proven and proactive method of therapy for all types of mental and emotional issues. On this we all agree.

Think Product Red, with beautiful blue black gun metal as the branding color instead of red. Think MADD — which has grown to save untold thousands of lives by working WITH alcohol companies and car manufacturers, not against them.


The Armory of Harmony is fiercely apolitical. We take no stance on regulations, make no endorsements of any politicians, and have no agenda beyond the belief that the afterlife of a gun can be an instrument of healing. 

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.
— Plato